(2.30 petang)

"Never beg someone to be in your life.
If your texts, calls and visits get ignored...
walk away!
It is called Self-Respect.

There is no need to chase people.
The people who belong in your life will come and find you.
Be yourself instead.

You know the right people.
Those who will love you no matter what.
Those who will stick around when times get tough.
They will always make you a priority."

assalamualaikum 😉
cantik kan ayat2 tu?
just kopipes from wassap grup.
tak ditujukan kpd sesape. hanya utk dikongsi jika2 situasi ni berlaku.
...walk away!
but kena tahu jugak, adakah kita ni buat silap? kita telah sakiti hati dia?
sila la minta maaf.

Never Beg Someone To Be In Your Life...

... bye!